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Mulva "Bitter Form" out 3/1 + first single "Ward Them Off" today

we are thrilled to announce the debut LP, Bitter Form, from Mulva will be out March 1st. the Providence RI quartet laid down the hammer on this one, and we were over the moon that they asked us to help release it. the first single, "Ward Them Off" premiered today via the kind folks over at Post-Trash - ty to Pat Prilch for the thoughtful write up.

Pat on "Ward Them Off":

"This shit is heavy, heavy. Bitter Form was recorded with Seth Manchester at Machines with Magnets (Lingua Ignota, The Body, Lightning Bolt, Fang Island), and its lead single introduces the new alliance in punishing fashion. “Ward Them Off” blends expansive doom and straight up alternative rock for the excellent, new-sound Mulva. Drum and bass drive the song’s dirge-anthem chorus, thundering beneath Christina Puerto’s remarkably high-flying vocals. The band sounds impressively massive, and this song just kicks ass. I get a bit of everything here, from Multicult to Evanescence, to all the projects Mulva’s constituents have been a part of."

Stream here:

Sad Cactus Records · Ward Them Off

pre-order the LP here:

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