sad cactus

EIEIEIO "Gentlemen Stop!" SAD071

EIEIEIO is something of a Western Mass supergroup, with Max Goldstein (drums // Maxshh, Tundrastomper, Fred Cracklin), Zosia Kochanski (bass // Wishbone Zoe) and Sam Brivic (guitar // Crimson Blue, Tundrastomper) coming together to make truly ecstatic, somewhat absurdist pop. Their body of work thus far, a split with Brooklyn art rockers Gorgeous, and the records Great Siz, Gentle Spaniels, and Comforters has yielded extremely unpredictable and delightful results, with songs that usually contain an hour's worth of energy in a 90 second timespan. No canvas is too big for EIEIEIO to paint on, with each song they release painting a wilder and more expansive portrait of one of the best bands currently doing it.