sad cactus
welcoming floral print to the family

we're extremely excited to welcome atlanta, georgia's floral print to the sad cactus family! we're even more excited to announce that we are reissuing their first album "woo" (which has received an excellent remix from graham tavel) along with a few assorted digital singles. this is the first time that all of their material will be together.

listen to a premiere of a newly remixed track HERE via The Alternative

pre-order the tape SAD028 HERE via our store

they're hitting the road at the end of the month, and you can catch them at these dates with the tapes in tow:

October 29 — Atlanta, GA [The Sewing Room]
October 30 — Knoxville, TN [The Pilot Light]
October 31 — Raleigh, NC [Radioshack]
November 1 — Richmond, VA [The Underground Orchard]
November 2 — Washington, DC [LTTL]
November 3 — Philadelphia, PA [Baird Mansion Atrium]
November 4 — Philadelphia, PA [All Night Diner]
November 5 — Brooklyn, NY [*house show*]
November 6 — Brooklyn, NY [Shea Stadium]
November 7 — Providence, RI [Aurora]
November 8 — Boston, MA [TBD]
November 9 — Albany, NY [Relief Theater]
November 10 — Oberlin, OH [Big Blue]
November 11 — Chicago, IL [Subterranean]
November 12 — Cincinnati, OH [The Comet]
November 13 — Nashville, TN [DRKMTTR]

Posted on October 14th, 2016