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Big Fred release final record "Slapstick" 12/20

it is with both pleasure and also sadness that we announce the release of Big Fred's final EP Slapstick, out 12/20 digitally. Across three records with Sad Cactus, the project of Conor McCann has consistently evolved and grown outwards, like ivy. Each of these records, <3Pals<3, Oh Hi Hello, and now Slapstick, are direct views from McCann's beautifully strange perspective, rooted in the concrete minutiae of every day life ("Gas Station Apple") but unafraid of the metaphysical. Big Fred forever.

You can purchase Slapstick and the other records here: and stream the records anywhere streams are strum.

Posted on January 23rd, 2020
second Gorgeous single "Material World" via Fecking Bahamas; Egg out November 8th

the wonderful folks at Fecking Bahamas shared the second single, "Material World" off of Gorgeous' upcoming record Egg.

Nikk Hunter says of "Material World":

"Gorgeous, the duo of Dana Lipperman and Judd Anderman, are masters of staccato, effortless engineers of the stop-start song structure. There is more silence than sound. You can feel the air between each snare hit, each guitar strum, each vocalised word. Gorgeous are in the league of bands like Palm, Requin and Mothers, bands who set out to be deconstructionists and indulge ashamedly in their experimentations with musical space."

You can read the rest of the piece here, and listen to "Material World" below.

Pre-order Egg here:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020